The best footballer in the world: 2017 edition

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The season of the best football players has come to an end. The list of the top 10 best players of the season is long, and it’s not difficult to find out the best of the rest.
The list of top 10 football players of 2017 is the following:
1. Lionel Messi of Barcelona. The Argentine has scored over 100 goals in the season. He has also won the Champions League, the Europa League, and the Copa del Rey.
2. Cristiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid. The Portuguese has scored more than 100 goals, and he won the Portuguese Super Cup.
3. Neymar of Paris Saint-Germain. The Brazilian has scored 100 goals and won the Ballon D’Or.
4. Gareth Bale of Wales. The Welshman has scored a lot of goals, but he has also lost the Champions Cup. He also lost his place in the World Cup squad.
5. Eden Hazard of Chelsea. The Belgian has scored 120 goals in a season.
6. Sergio Aguero of Manchester City. The Spaniard has scored 110 goals in 100 matches.
7. Eden Contreras of Liverpool. The Argentinian has scored 105 goals in his 100 matches for the club.
8. Antoine Griezmann of Barcelona has scored 107 goals in 105 games for the Catalans.
9. Kevin De Bruyne of Manchester United. The Frenchman has scored 106 goals in 110 games for his club. He is one of the main contenders for the Golden Boot.
10. Sergio Ramos of Real. The Spanish goalkeeper has scored 109 goals in 115 games for Real.
If you look at the list of best football stars, you can see that the main stars of the current season are:
* Messi;
* Ronaldo;
* Bale;
* Hazard;
“* De Bruyn;
“* Ramos.
* The list is not complete, but it is enough to say that the best players in the current football season are the following.
You can always find the list on the website of sports statistics.
In the next season, the main goal of the Spanish national team will be to qualify for the World Championship. The team will play against the best teams of the world. The following teams are the main favorites of the World Championships:
• “Germany”;
• “England”.
This year, the German team has a new coach, Jurgen Klopp. He will have a big influence on the team’ performance.
All the best Spanish football players
The Spanish national football team has been the best in the European Championships for many years. The current season is the best example of the team’s ability to play in the international arena.
It is not surprising that the team has won the European Championship. In the previous championships, the Spanish team was not able to win the gold medals. The main reason for this is the lack of experience of the players.
However, the current Spanish team is not the only one in the Spanish championship. The other teams are: Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Sevilla, and Atletico.
Atletico is the most successful team in the last few years. It has won La Liga, the Champions’ League, Europa League and the Super Cup in the same season. The club is led by Diego Simeone.
Barcelona is the main rival of the Atletico team. This season, it is going to the CopA del Rey final. The Catalans have a lot to do, because they have to fight against:
● Real Madrid;
● “Barcelona”, ​“Atletico” and “Real Sociedad” (the team of ​​Simeone).
The main goal for the team is to win gold medals at the most important tournament of the Old Continent.
Main Spanish football stars of 2017
The following football players have already won the Spanish Championship:
· Messi;
· ​​Ronaldo;
· “Celta” Messi; ​”Barcelona” Messi; “Sevilla” Messi.
” Atletico’ Messi; Real Madrid’ Messi
· Real Sociedade’ “Lopetegui” “Ronaldo”
‘Barcelona Messi’
’ Real Socedad’ ​‘Lopeta’’ Griezman
„Atletico Messi”
‚ Real Socdade” ​‚ Lopetega’​ ​„Ronaldo”
The team of Diego Simesone has a long and successful history. It won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 2002 and the Europa Cup in 2004.
As for the main Spanish football star of the last season, you should note the following players:
​ Ronaldo.
Messi is the top scorer of the national team. He scored over 120 goals. Ronaldo scored over 110 goals. Messi has won a lot, and Ronaldo has won several titles.
Another important player of the Spain national team is Bale.

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