When does the English Premier League season start 2016-2017?

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The English Premier league season starts on the 26th of November. It is a very busy season, because there are a lot of matches and competitions.
The main event of the season is the Champions League. This tournament is the most important competition for the teams that are competing for the title.
In the Premier league, the main contenders are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea.
Each of these teams has a strong lineup, which can be used in the Champions league.

The Premier league is very interesting for fans from all over the world. The matches are held in a variety of stadiums, which makes it easy to follow the results.
What is the Premier League about?
In England, the Premier division is the strongest league. It has a lot to offer to fans. The teams play against each other in the championship, and the winner of the match is the champion.
This season, the teams will have to fight for the champion title. The main contenders for the victory are: Manchester City, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal.
You can follow the Premier club’s results on the website of sports statistics. This is the best place to find the latest news from the world of the English championship.
Who will win the title of champion?
This year, the fight for gold medals will be very interesting. The Premier league has a number of strong players, who can decide the outcome of the matches.
Manchester City has a very good lineup, and it is able to use it in the matches against the rivals. The team has a good goalkeeper in Sergio Aguero, who is able not only to save the ball but also to make a good save from the opponent.
It is also worth noting that the team has some great performers in the attacking line. The most obvious example is the young striker Sergio Aguilar. He is able score a lot from the penalty area, and his speed is really impressive.
Also, the team is able fight for places in the top 4. The following players can play in the attack: Leroy Sane, Keita Balde, Leroy Fer, Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Kevin-Prince Boateng.
Liverpool has a similar lineup to Manchester City. However, the Reds have a number advantages over their rivals.
First of all, the club has a great goalkeeper in Jordon Mutch. He can make a number saves from the opponents. The other players of the team are able to make good saves from their opponents.
Another advantage of Liverpool is the fact that the club is able play in a number matches. The advantage of this is that the players have to make quick decisions, which allows them to achieve the desired result.
How can you follow the performance of the club?
You should visit the website, where you will find the results of the Liverpool matches. It provides the latest information about the team’ performance.
At the same time, the website offers information about other teams, as well as the Premier.
If you want to follow all the results, then you should go to the website. It offers the latest data, which is updated in real time.
Latest news on the Premier results
The website of the sports statistics is the main source of information about football. It contains the results from the matches of the Premier, as the Champions, League, FA Cup, and many others.
These competitions are held every year, and they are an opportunity for the fans to see the best players of their favorite teams.
There are a number tournaments held in the Premier that are worth noting. The best example is:
1. FA Cup. The tournament is held every four years, and this is the time when the strongest teams of the country compete for the most prestigious trophy.
2. League. The League is the second strongest division of the national championship. It consists of the best teams from all parts of the world, which are able play against the opponents of the same level.
3. League Cup. This competition is held for the second time in a row, and there is a good chance that the winners of the tournament will be able to defend their title. It can be a real test of the strength of the teams. The winners of this tournament will also be able defend their champion title, because the winners will have a chance to play for the Europa League.
4. League Trophy. This trophy is given to the best team in the country. It was first held in 1905, and was won by Blackburn Rovers.
5. League Super Cup. It’ll be held for a third time, and is won by West Ham United.
6. League Premier. It will be held in 2019, and will be won by Wigan.
7. League 1. It won’t be held this year, because it will be replaced by the new league, which will be called the Premier within the next season.
8. FA Trophy. It’s the most famous trophy of the football world, and has been won by Liverpool.
9. FA Community Shield. This cup is won every year by Manchester United. It also has a special place in the history of the game.
10. FA Super Cup, which was won for the third time by Chelsea.

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