Who will win the 2016/2017 English Premier League title?

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The new season of the English Premier league is already in full swing and it is already clear that the contenders for the title are very strong. The fight for the champion title is already becoming more intense and the main contenders for gold medals are:
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City;
• Chelsea;
The last time the title was won by one of the teams from the same city was in 1990.
The main goal of the new season is to finish in the top four and to do this, the teams have to play in the Champions League. The previous season, Liverpool won the Champions league and the team from the Merseyside started to look more confident.
In the English championship, the top 4 positions are always taken by the same teams. The main favorites of the current season are: Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal. The team of Josep Guardiola has already won the champion’s title three times.

The current season has already shown that the fight for gold is not over yet. The teams have a lot of chances to win the title.
Who will be the main favorites for the next season?
The Manchester City has been in the lead for several seasons now. The club has been fighting for the championship for several years now. In the previous season the team was in the first place but lost the title to Liverpool. The City has a lot to show and the next year the team will have to show its maximum.
Manchester City is a team that has a good squad and is able to play at a high level. The squad of the Citizens is very balanced and the players have a good understanding between each other. This is one of their main advantages.
Another advantage of the team is the fact that it is a young team. The average age of the players is only 23 years old. This allows the team to train regularly and to have a long bench.
However, the main advantage of Manchester City is the team’ strength. The Citizens have a very good lineup and it can play at any time of the day. This makes the team one of leaders of the league.
At the moment, the team has a very strong squad and it has already managed to win several trophies. The leaders of Manchester are: Aguero, Sterling, De Bruyne, Sterling and Lingard. The players of the club are able to show their maximum and win the champion’s title. The current season is not the most successful for the team, but it is still able to fight for a place in the elite.
Where can the team find its strength?
Manchester is a very rich city and the fans have a great choice of clubs. The best clubs of the Premier league are: Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal, which are the main competitors of the City.
Liverpool is one the best teams in the world and it was in first place for the last three years in a row. The Reds are a team of young players who have already won several trophies and are now ready to fight in the fight of the best clubs.
Chelsea is one step behind the Reds and it also has a long and successful history. The Blues have won the title three years ago and they are ready to win again. The Champions league is also very important for the club. The Chelsea has a strong squad, which is able not only to win gold medals but also to qualify for the main tournament of the year.
Arsenal is a club that is very active in the transfer market. The Gunners have managed to sign many players who are able not to be replaced by other players. This has already been proven in the last season.
What are the strengths of the rivals?
Liverpool has a great lineup and the squad of Klopp is very strong and stable. The coach of the Reds is able create a new winning streak by the end of the season. The rivals of the Liverpool are: Chelsea, Manchester City and Arsenal in the middle.
Of course, the Reds have a chance to win, but they have to fight against the teams in their own class. The fans can watch the matches of the main rivals of Liverpool on the sports statistics website.
Will the team of Klopp win the Champions title?
Of the three main clubs, the Liverpool is the best team in the league and it won the most trophies. However, the current champion”s title is not a guarantee that the team can win the next one.
Many experts predict that the Reds will not win the coveted trophy. This can be seen from the fact, that the club has already lost the Champions’ league three times in a year. The last time was in 2015 when the team lost to Manchester City. The latest defeat of the Mersey team was also the worst of the whole season. This was the worst defeat of Liverpool in the whole tournament.
Despite the fact of the loss of the Champions’ league, the Merseys are still able win the English cup. The problem for the Reds are the teams of Guardiola, who have a better squad.
So far, the club is not able to win all the trophies that it has won so far. However the team still has a chance. The Merseysiders have a strong lineup and are able win in the long tournament distance.
It is clear that this season will be very difficult for the Liverpool.

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